Jason Sugarman: Entrepreneurial Leadership and Giving Back

Jason Sugarman was recently named the Ronald Reagan Leadership Award honoree by the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC). Sugarman will be presented with the award on November 12th at California Bash 2017, held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills. The event will be attended by notable personalities such as Senator Norm Coleman, founder, and CEO of BiteSizeTV Ron Bloom and Isaac Applebaum from Radius Intelligence. The keynote speaker for this event will be the casino mogul and recently appointed the chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), Steve Wynn.

As the Ronald Reagan Leadership Award honoree, Mr. Sugarman is being recognized as a notable leader of the next generation. He is a leader who is going to make a difference in his community and the world in many impactful ways. Mr. Sugarman has decades of experience as an entrepreneur and an investor specializing in financial assets. His lucrative investments have allowed him to become a major donor to numerous health and education nonprofits along with his wife, Elizabeth Sugarman.

Mr. Sugarman is deeply moved by the award that he is being present with by RJC.

What makes a good business leader? How does a good business leader give back to his community? Mr. Sugarman has three ?? when he invests.

Invest in Local Businesses

Investors love to fly around the world looking for new ventures. While there’s nothing wrong with that, Mr. Sugarman believes investors should look into their own communities as well. Mr. Sugarman himself has been involved in infrastructure projects overseas but also many domestic projects as well. He also invests heavily in small restaurants in his hometown of Los Angeles. This is just one of the ways he is able to give back to his community. His restaurant investments help create jobs for local citizens as well as keep local businesses in good shape to strengthen the communities they operate in.

Don’t Ignore Impact Investments

Not all investments are for profit only. Impact investments are contributions made to non-profit causes. While there may not be lucrative financial profits in such investments, there are definitely other gains to be made such as making communities better. Many wealthy businesspeople and big companies are now doing impact investments. The biggest example is Mark Zuckerberg, who has committed some $45 billion in Facebook stock to battle childhood diseases. Mr. Sugarman also invests for impact and positive social change through health and education nonprofits. He encourages other investors to take heed as well.

Choose a Sector You Know Well and Love

Leaders are made, not born. Investing and entrepreneurship are talents that are honed by people who excel in them. Mr. Sugarman urges new entrepreneurs to choose sectors they are already familiar with to make an impact. If you love what you are doing, then you can do it well. Leaders are not made overnight, so being involved in a sector for years is important for gaining insight and experience. Mr. Sugarman was involved in the finance industry for over 20 years. You cannot be involved in anything for that long without loving what you do, at least not actively and successfully involved.

Lastly, Mr. Sugarman wants to emphasize the importance of being passionate about what you do. Passion is the major driving force for successful entrepreneurship just like leadership. Mr. Sugarman’s most lucrative investments in finance and sports have come from things he is deeply passionate about. It will be difficult to be successful in your leadership without loving what you do and being passionate about it.

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