Jason Sugarman Talks about What He Loves Best

Jason Sugarman, the veteran private equity investor, is ready to talk about what he loves best after his family: sports. The financier has made quite a name for himself investing in professional sports teams, including Los Angeles Football Club, and Oklahoma City Dodgers. Mr. Sugarman also has investments in the e-sports teams Team Liquid, Marucci, and DSG Golf. He is also an active investor in L.A’s ever thriving restaurant scene as well.

Investing in LA Football Club with Celebrities

Mr. Sugarman is an investor in the Los Angeles Football Club, along with some other 26 people including former major athletes such as Magic Johnson, Nomar Garciaparra, and Mia Hamm. Both sports and movie star names are nothing new to the Club’s ownership team. Early last year, superstar comedian Will Ferrell became a part owner of the team. The Club’s ownership team is estimated to have a net worth over $4.5 billion.

Plans are already underway for the Club to have its own stadium at the Exposition Park, right nearby where the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art will soon be. The club is dropping a whopping sum of $350 million for its future home. The stadium will have an open-air design and high-end NFL-style amenities like private suites and a rooftop bar, according to Los Angeles magazine.

The L.A. Football Club is scheduled to debut in 2018 season with an in-house trained team. Right now, fans can get a peek at the Club’s activities on its official website.

Investing in Innovative Restaurants in L.A.

Mr. Sugarman, an alumnus of Stanford University, is a dedicated foodie who has invested in some of the best restaurants in L.A., including a chain of local BBQ restaurants in Orange County, The Viper Room, El Dorado, The Six at Studio City, new grass fed hamburger restaurant. The Viper Room is a legacy restaurant in the city frequented by A-list celebrities like Johnny Depp. It was once a favorite diner of Johnny Cash.

Mr. Sugarman loves classic American dishes, and he invests in restaurants that serve mostly American cuisine. It’s not always easy in L.A., where tastes are for gluten-free, low-calorie, vegan, and mostly sugar-free dishes. The foodie scene in the city has been reinventing itself to match the tastes of high-flying millennials as well as traditionalists always in the search for the perfect pork chop. Mr. Sugarman, himself a fan of both fusion and classic style dishes, prefers to invest in restaurants that focus on quality and innovation with an eye out for improving social engagement.

What’s Next for Jason Sugarman?

Mr. Sugarman is expected to continue with his significant sports investments in the future. He will be heavily invested in the debut of the L.A. Football Club, which has ambitious plans for the future. He will continue his involvement in the ever rising e-sports sector as well. As a restaurateur investor, he hopes to pour his money into both new and old establishments that embody the foodie spirit of the city. Mr. Sugarman would mainly be invested in his sports portfolio that he hopes to expand in the coming years.

Jason Sugarman Expands His Investments in the L.A. Restaurant Scene

As a longtime Los Angeles native, Jason Sugarman, the veteran investor, financier, and an owner of the Los Angeles Football Club, thinks there’s no other city with a better restaurant scene (no, not New York City). Mr. Sugarman is known for his varied sports investment portfolio, which includes football and soccer teams, as well as several e-sports teams. Only a few know that he has always had his eye on L.A.’s food scene as well.

The Ever Changing L.A. Food Scene

It’s hard to argue that L.A. is one of the top cities in North America for food. L.A. rivals even New York in the sheer number of restaurants, cafes, and eateries around. L.A. prides itself as an early city, so there is a number of “breakfastaurants” as well. What makes L.A.’s food scene really unique is “relentless reinvention,” according to The New York Times.

The city is never out of chefs looking for cheap space to set up a new joint. The city has a number of neighborhoods—West Hollywood, Venice, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica—that has established restaurants that thrive serving wealthy clientele. But the city is full of people from almost all income levels that don’t mind driving 30 minutes in search of a cool new place to eat. L.A.’s ever expanding multicultural community has also contributed a wonderful variety available in choices. It’s easy to find cuisine from just about anywhere in the world in L.A.

Investing in Americana Cuisine

Like the city itself, Mr. Sugarman’s restaurant investments in L.A. are varied. However, he has specifically invested in restaurants offering his favorite cuisine: Americana. Mr. Sugarman has investments new grass fed hamburger restaurant and The Six – Studio City in town. These eateries are known for their delicious and decadent burgers, pulled pork, and indulgent desserts like banana cream pie. These restaurants are also two of the most affordable places to eat that serve high-quality food. Most Los Angeles residents may be crazy about healthy eating, but no one can resist a good burger once in a while.

Mr. Sugarman also has a stake in a chain of local BBQ restaurants in Orange County; a restaurant that services juicy and tender barbecue meats with mouthwatering sweet potato fries. The Beach Pit is beloved for the atmospheric setting and dishes that are simply filling.  Mr. Sugarman has also invested in some of L.A.’s best-known legacy restaurants, including The Viper Room on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. It was once co-owned by Johnny Depp, who still frequents the place. The Viper Room has been the subject of rumors, controversy, and film plots. These days it’s best known for music and great food.

Being the sports enthusiast that he is, Mr. Sugarman has heavily invested in El Dorado, an easygoing bar, and restaurant that is known as a great place to hang out in the city. El Dorado often hosts live music events that are quite popular among the regulars.

Mr. Sugarman is definitely planning to expand his restaurant investments in the city. The restaurant sector in L.A. is thriving and won’t be likely to cease thriving anytime soon.