Liquid Monthly No. 1

Team Liquid’s Recent Triumphs

Liquid is one of the premier eSports teams in the world, and covers games such as CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, Smash Bros, and Fortnite. I personally am an avid fan of all these games, so the ability to watch a professional eSports team excel in multiple different areas is superb. The team’s net worth is almost $20 million dollars, deriving from winning 1219 tournaments to date. This insane sum of cash the team has compiled thanks to their skilled roster makes them not only one of the most dominant eSports teams in the world, but also with one of the highest team net worth. Additionally, Liquid has been gaining rapid momentum in recent months and have started to set their eyes upon several major championships, making them one of the most electrifying and entertaining teams to watch in recent months.

Dota 2

Liquid is renown for having some of the best MOBA teams the world has to offer, and their performance in the Super Major in Shanghai was no disappointment. The Super Major is a crucial indicative on how well the team is performing, because it is the last big tournament before ‘The International’ World Championship in August, one of my favorite tournaments in all of eSports. Liquid had never won a tournament before entering the Super Major, so my hopes weren’t particularly high for Liquid to bring home the victory. However, they ultimately proved me wrong as well as other doubters when they bested to win in Shanghai in spectacular fashion. Liquid was getting outplayed from a mechanical standpoint, however I felt like their communication and coordination was unparalleled, allowing them to secure the victory in five games. Miracle- had an outstanding performance, dominating in the last game with an impressive match playing as Templar Assassin. After witnessing the team’s undeniable chemistry and determination to win, I have no doubt that Liquid has the potential to find success in the future to come.


Counter Strike has been the spotlight of the eSports world for a very long time now, and during that period, few teams have been able to accomplish what Liquid has. Counter Strike is a first person shooter that requires immense teamwork, and a game that Liquid excels at. Liquid has a dominant Counter Strike roster, including big names such as Taco and nitr0.

Liquid recently attended the Championship Series Season 5 Finals in London and did exceptional against some of the best Counter Strike teams in the world. Liquid performed well in my eyes during the group stages, beating out Fnatic 16-5 and 16-13. The team stormed on the next day, beating out NRG eSports 16-6 and 16-8 in the semifinals. In the finals, Liquid had to face the world’s number one team at the moment, Astralis. Liquid had trouble with Astralis during the group stages, so I expected a similar outcome again. Liquid ended up playing much better against Astralis than I expected, losing to them by a narrow margin of 16-14 and 16-11. Liquid was close to securing a victory on Dust 2 by obtaining 10 victories on the terrorist side and putting immense pressure on the Astralis team, however Astralis was able to pull off the win in an impressive 11 round comeback. While Liquid wasn’t able to come away with a victory in London, they continue to remain one of the top 3 Counter Strike teams in the world, a feat that no other North American team has been able to sustain. I wished for a better outcome in London, but Liquid’s consistency gives me hope for what’s to come in the future for this dominant Liquid team.

League of Legends

League of Legends, abbreviated as LOL, is another MOBA similar to Dota that Liquid excels at playing. The games are pretty similar in style and gameplay, with some slight variations and an entirely different hero roster. Recently, Liquid’s LOL team won the NA LCS Spring Split, a tournament I was ecstatic about. The competition wasn’t particularly difficult, but I was proud of the team nonetheless. In addition to winning the Spring Split, Liquid placed 5th at the Mid Season Invitational. The competition was significantly tougher for this tournament, so I was happy the team placed as high as they did. In years past, North American teams have performed very poorly at this tournament, so the fact that Liquid placed as high as 5th is amazing. Their key players such as Impact and Doublelift will no doubt help Liquid continue to rise in the ranks in the near future.


Fortnite is undeniably blowing up the gaming industry currently at a rate that no one saw coming. The hit Battle Royale game launched its game mode back in September of 2017, and quickly became the most popular game around the world. Fortnite has picked up an audience of casual players, celebrites, professional athletes, and even made a dent in the eSports world. Fortnite is officially dedicating over $100 million dollars to the eSports industry, so of course tons of eSports atheletes are now dedicating their time to Fortnite, including the introduction of a Liquid Fortnite team. Liquid recently introduced their own Fortnite team in the wake of the boom in popularity of Fortnite, something I’m really excited about. Their team consists of former Faze Clan member 72hrs, Strafeshot, Poach, and Chap. The addition of the young, talented Fortnite players makes me, as well as many others, hopeful that the roster will begin to reel in many victories for Liquid in the near future.

Super Smash Bros

One of the less popular games yet still one of my favorite, Liquid has one of the best Smash Bros teams in the world. One of the big names on the Liquid Smash Bros roster, Hungrybox, advanced to the Melee Grand Finals in Fort Worth, Texas and placed 2nd playing as Jigglypuff. I hope Hungrybox’s finish brings in a new era for Liquid’s Super Smash Bros team.