The Republican Jewish Coalition Honors Jason Sugarman

The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) is presenting Jason Sugarman with the Ronald Reagan Leadership Award, an accolade that recognizes Mr. Sugarman’s contributions as a leader in the local Jewish community. The award will be presented on November 12th at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel where the RJC California Bash 2017 event is being held.

RJC’s Ronald Reagan Leadership Award recognizes next generation leaders of the community who have or are making a positive difference. Mr. Sugarman is the most recent leader to be honored for his many contributions. Mr. Sugarman has been deeply involved with the RJC as a contributor and a member of the coalition’s Board of Directors.

Sugarman’s decades of professional accomplishments in the finance industry, as well as his personal leadership projects, have earned him this recognition. Mr. Sugarman is a veteran entrepreneur who has invested in a diverse range of sectors, including private equity and all asset classes. He also invests in sports, arts and local restaurants. Jason Sugarman and his wife, Elizabeth Gruber, also make generous financial contributions to nonprofit organizations in the education and health sectors.

This award marks a major year for Mr. Sugarman. His main sports investment at this time is the Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC). The club just signed on the Argentine striker Rodrigo Pacheco, a player with “great potential” according to the club’s team manager, John Thorrington. Pacheco joins Bassey Etim and Carlos Alvarez, two other players with much promise. LAFC will join the upcoming soccer season with a strong roster. With their new signed players and their stadium closer to completion they are looking quite well and ready to tackle the upcoming soccer season in 2018.

Other than investments in traditional sports, Mr. Sugarman has also made huge strides in his e-sports investments recently. Team Liquid, the e-sports team he mainly invests in, just recently won the Dota 2 Championships taking home a grand prize worth more than $10 million. It is a first for the team as well as Mr. Sugarman. He is highly optimistic about his sports investments in the coming years.

Mr. Sugarman continues his investments throughout his community in Los Angeles by mainly investing in local restaurants to strengthen local businesses. Mr. Sugarman’s restaurant investments focus on low to mid-cost eateries run as small businesses. Investing in such, businesses directly help create jobs in the local community. As a Los Angeles native, Mr. Sugarman has always been passionate about giving back to the community.

Mr. Sugarman is hopeful that he will make major contributions in L.A. and elsewhere with his investments and entrepreneurial contributions. He will also continue to support important causes in the health and education sector through his philanthropy work. It is a cause both he and his wife as passionate about.

This year’s California Bash will be attended by luminaries such as Senator Norm Coleman, founder, and CEO of BiteSizeTV Ron Bloom and Isaac Applebaum from Radius Intelligence. The keynote speech will be delivered by Steve Wynn, the recently appointed chairman of the Republican National Coalition (RNC).

Tickets are still available for the event going at $300. Go to: for more information on this event.

Jason Sugarman: Entrepreneurial Leadership and Giving Back

Jason Sugarman was recently named the Ronald Reagan Leadership Award honoree by the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC). Sugarman will be presented with the award on November 12th at California Bash 2017, held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills. The event will be attended by notable personalities such as Senator Norm Coleman, founder, and CEO of BiteSizeTV Ron Bloom and Isaac Applebaum from Radius Intelligence. The keynote speaker for this event will be the casino mogul and recently appointed the chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), Steve Wynn.

As the Ronald Reagan Leadership Award honoree, Mr. Sugarman is being recognized as a notable leader of the next generation. He is a leader who is going to make a difference in his community and the world in many impactful ways. Mr. Sugarman has decades of experience as an entrepreneur and an investor specializing in financial assets. His lucrative investments have allowed him to become a major donor to numerous health and education nonprofits along with his wife, Elizabeth Sugarman.

Mr. Sugarman is deeply moved by the award that he is being present with by RJC.

What makes a good business leader? How does a good business leader give back to his community? Mr. Sugarman has three ?? when he invests.

Invest in Local Businesses

Investors love to fly around the world looking for new ventures. While there’s nothing wrong with that, Mr. Sugarman believes investors should look into their own communities as well. Mr. Sugarman himself has been involved in infrastructure projects overseas but also many domestic projects as well. He also invests heavily in small restaurants in his hometown of Los Angeles. This is just one of the ways he is able to give back to his community. His restaurant investments help create jobs for local citizens as well as keep local businesses in good shape to strengthen the communities they operate in.

Don’t Ignore Impact Investments

Not all investments are for profit only. Impact investments are contributions made to non-profit causes. While there may not be lucrative financial profits in such investments, there are definitely other gains to be made such as making communities better. Many wealthy businesspeople and big companies are now doing impact investments. The biggest example is Mark Zuckerberg, who has committed some $45 billion in Facebook stock to battle childhood diseases. Mr. Sugarman also invests for impact and positive social change through health and education nonprofits. He encourages other investors to take heed as well.

Choose a Sector You Know Well and Love

Leaders are made, not born. Investing and entrepreneurship are talents that are honed by people who excel in them. Mr. Sugarman urges new entrepreneurs to choose sectors they are already familiar with to make an impact. If you love what you are doing, then you can do it well. Leaders are not made overnight, so being involved in a sector for years is important for gaining insight and experience. Mr. Sugarman was involved in the finance industry for over 20 years. You cannot be involved in anything for that long without loving what you do, at least not actively and successfully involved.

Lastly, Mr. Sugarman wants to emphasize the importance of being passionate about what you do. Passion is the major driving force for successful entrepreneurship just like leadership. Mr. Sugarman’s most lucrative investments in finance and sports have come from things he is deeply passionate about. It will be difficult to be successful in your leadership without loving what you do and being passionate about it.

Jason Sugarman Attends Bel-Air End of Summer BBQ

Last week was the end-of-summer barbecue extravaganza at The Bel-Air Hotel.  Jason Sugarman enjoyed the food and world-renowned chefs.  Master Chef Wolfgang Puck was joined by returning chefs Francis Mallmann (Los Fuegos, Miami, Florida), Nancy Silverton (Mozza Restaurant Group, Los Angeles, CA) and Eric Werner (Hartwood, Tulum), and welcomed newcomer Dave Pynt (Burnt Ends, Singapore). It was the ultimate barbecue party in Los Angeles this month.

It was a collaborative culinary event with guests dining at communal tables amidst lush hotel grounds and colorful gardens. The dinner included selected wine pairings from local California wineries.

Jason Sugarman on Why He Invested in a Merchandising Brand When Retail Stocks are Tanking

Jason Sugarman was not messing around when he invested heavily in Marucci Sports, a well-known baseball merchandising brand. It was not a spur of the moment investment, he says, but a carefully calculated one. He is a huge baseball fan, a game he loves as much as football, but his decision to invest in Marucci when retail brands are closing outlets countrywide was not driven by personal passions.

What is Marucci?

Marucci is a brand closely associated with Major League Baseball. The company originally made a name for itself by manufacturing maple wood baseball bats at a time when ash wood bats are prominently used. Marucci’s unique bats quickly became popular among pro players such as Ortiz, José Bautista, Chase Utley, and Albert Pujols. The company was first founded in 2002 by the former head baseball coach of Louisiana State University, who lent the brand his name. About a decade later, nearly a third of all pro baseball players were using Marucci bats. The brand retains its popularity still and has expanded to other baseball gear like gloves, apparel, and hats.

Marucci’s branding strategy is also unique in the sense that the company doesn’t sponsor individual players, like Nike, Adidas or similar sports brands. The brand instead brings in players to the company. This ensures that the Marucci name remains closely associated with baseball.

Investing in Merchandise When Traditional Retail is Failing

Mr. Sugarman follows MLB games, so the Marucci name has always been recognizable to him. He has watched the brand grow from baseball bats into conventional money makers like clothing. He sees great potential in Marucci to grow even more. Interestingly enough, his investment comes at a time when retail outlets are in the news for the wrong reasons.

Traditional retail is giving way to online shopping, Mr. Sugarman admits. But he doesn’t think that merchandising would suffer from lack of support from traditional retail outlets. He thinks brands like Marucci can thrive online, as legacy brands like Nike did in retail shops in malls in the nineties. Marucci may even have a bigger advantage thanks to how digital marketing drives online shopping, Mr. Sugarman thinks.

How a Brand like Marucci can Thrive in the Age of Online Shopping

Online shoppers are more scrutinizing than outlet shoppers because there are so many options available to them. So how does a brand like Marucci get to them? Mr. Sugarman thinks targeted digital marketing is what could make the difference for a brand like Marucci. Digital marketing can carefully choose a target customer base thanks to big data. Marucci is a brand that goes side by side with baseball. It’s not that difficult to get the merchandise on the computer screens of baseball fans, according to investors like Mr. Sugarman.

Marucci still makes sales offline as well as online. But with a carefully planned out marketing strategy, the brand can really bloom. Mr. Sugarman expects that Marucci will continue to make profits in the coming years, and more importantly sustain its current profit margins.

Jason Sugarman Celebrates Team Liquid International DOTA 2 Championship Win

Team Liquid, the e-sports team just won The International DOTA 2 Championships. The team is taking home a whopping $10.8 million grand prize.

The International DOTA 2 Championship is like the Superbowl of e-sports where the best of the best online gamers from around the world compete for the multimillion-dollar grand prize and lasting fame. The players compete in multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA) set up by the gaming commission.

This year’s DOTA 2 was held in Seattle and is the seventh annual game in the competition series. The final round was down to three teams: A European team, a Chinese team named Newbee, and Team Liquid consisting of players from around the world. Newbee was beaten by the European team, which was beaten in the final round by Team Liquid by a victorious 3-0.

The second place took $3.9 million home, while the third place won $2.4 million. The total grand prize this year was $24 million, a sizeable increase from the $20.7 million grand prize awarded a year ago. The prize money is taken out of profits made from virtual goods sold in game.

Jason Sugarman was full of congratulations for Team Liquid, which he majority controls with several other business luminaries. The team is co-managed by Steve Arhancet and Victor Goossens of aXiomatic. Before this win, Team Liquid was considered one of the most notable and best eSports teams in the world. This championship win solidifies Team Liquid’s reputation.

The DOTA 2 tournaments are typically huge. This time around, Team Liquid overcame a total of 16 finalist teams in the battle arena. The competitors played at the actual Key Arena in Seattle, where huge crowds cheered on teams like any major sports event.

Team Liquid’s ultimate win was not easy, however. The team nearly fell out of the competition in early rounds but managed to strike it out and fight itself into the lower ranking brackets, qualifying the players for the final round.

Veteran Financier Jason Sugarman Talks Investing in E-Sports

Jason Sugarman is best known for his private equity and debt-based investing. He has also made a fortune in the asset-based lending sector. So it comes as a surprise to some that Mr. Sugarman’s latest endeavor is e-sports investing. Perhaps, not so surprising to his closest friends. Mr. Sugarman is a famous sports lover and has made a number of investments in traditional sports. He is one of the many famous investors in the Los Angeles Football Club, which will debut next year. He owns several other sports teams including the Oklahoma City Dodgers. So how does a football loving financier bet his stakes on online games like Overwatch?

The Next Big Sports Investment

E-sports is already raking in massive profits. For Mr. Sugarman, who regularly deals with major profit-making sports, investing in e-sports is only natural. E-sports refers to games that are played via an electronic system, like a gaming console or a computer. Video gaming is no longer a cornered subculture. The industry earns billions in profits each year, and established titles, like Halo and Starcraft, have huge global followings. There’s a lot of money to be made in e-sports for both developers and sports investors.

It’s estimated that e-sports revenue may pass the $1 billion markers by 2019. In 2015, the industry made about $325 million, over a 40 percent increase over the annual profits of the previous year. It’s hard to believe that the growth of the industry could be stalled, especially when countries like China are adding new games each year.

Mr. Sugarman’s interest in e-sports follows his love of classic games like football and baseball. Sure, there’s a lot that can be made by investing in teams. But there’s also the thrill of the game that surpasses profit motives. So far, Mr. Sugarman is still a “noob” or a newcomer when it comes to e-sports. He is not heavily involved in playing the games, but closely watches rising talent that gets ranked globally.

Team Liquid

Mr. Sugarman’s choice e-sports team is Team Liquid, one of the biggest in the whole gaming world. He has made considerable investments in the team. He is not alone. A number of other celebrities have also invested in Team Liquid, including easily recognizable business celebs like Tony Robbins, the “CEO whisperer,” Paul Schaeffer of Mandalay Entertainment, and Eric Lefkofsky, the co-founder of Groupon. Even the basketball luminary Magic Johnson is an investor in the team. Team Liquid is a star player in immensely popular online games like StarCraft 2, Overwatch, and Halo.

Are Virtual Sports the Future?

While Mr. Sugarman is quite excited about his e-sports investments, his mind is never off his real sports passion, football. He believes that e-sports will play a major role in the future, but do not think that it will be able to surpass classic sports like football.

Jason Sugarman Talks about What He Loves Best

Jason Sugarman, the veteran private equity investor, is ready to talk about what he loves best after his family: sports. The financier has made quite a name for himself investing in professional sports teams, including Los Angeles Football Club, and Oklahoma City Dodgers. Mr. Sugarman also has investments in the e-sports teams Team Liquid, Marucci, and DSG Golf. He is also an active investor in L.A’s ever thriving restaurant scene as well.

Investing in LA Football Club with Celebrities

Mr. Sugarman is an investor in the Los Angeles Football Club, along with some other 26 people including former major athletes such as Magic Johnson, Nomar Garciaparra, and Mia Hamm. Both sports and movie star names are nothing new to the Club’s ownership team. Early last year, superstar comedian Will Ferrell became a part owner of the team. The Club’s ownership team is estimated to have a net worth over $4.5 billion.

Plans are already underway for the Club to have its own stadium at the Exposition Park, right nearby where the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art will soon be. The club is dropping a whopping sum of $350 million for its future home. The stadium will have an open-air design and high-end NFL-style amenities like private suites and a rooftop bar, according to Los Angeles magazine.

The L.A. Football Club is scheduled to debut in 2018 season with an in-house trained team. Right now, fans can get a peek at the Club’s activities on its official website.

Investing in Innovative Restaurants in L.A.

Mr. Sugarman, an alumnus of Stanford University, is a dedicated foodie who has invested in some of the best restaurants in L.A., including a chain of local BBQ restaurants in Orange County, The Viper Room, El Dorado, The Six at Studio City, new grass fed hamburger restaurant. The Viper Room is a legacy restaurant in the city frequented by A-list celebrities like Johnny Depp. It was once a favorite diner of Johnny Cash.

Mr. Sugarman loves classic American dishes, and he invests in restaurants that serve mostly American cuisine. It’s not always easy in L.A., where tastes are for gluten-free, low-calorie, vegan, and mostly sugar-free dishes. The foodie scene in the city has been reinventing itself to match the tastes of high-flying millennials as well as traditionalists always in the search for the perfect pork chop. Mr. Sugarman, himself a fan of both fusion and classic style dishes, prefers to invest in restaurants that focus on quality and innovation with an eye out for improving social engagement.

What’s Next for Jason Sugarman?

Mr. Sugarman is expected to continue with his significant sports investments in the future. He will be heavily invested in the debut of the L.A. Football Club, which has ambitious plans for the future. He will continue his involvement in the ever rising e-sports sector as well. As a restaurateur investor, he hopes to pour his money into both new and old establishments that embody the foodie spirit of the city. Mr. Sugarman would mainly be invested in his sports portfolio that he hopes to expand in the coming years.

Jason Sugarman has High Hopes for LAFC

Jason Sugarman, the noted private equity financier, has a new obsession on his portfolio—the Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC). The well-known sports fan is focusing all his efforts on the LAFC’s public debut scheduled to be during the 2018 soccer season. Mr. Sugarman is a prolific sports investor who has stakes in the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Golden State Warriors, and the Oakland Raiders. He’s been involved in fantasy sports as well. However, LAFC just might be his most ambitious sports investment yet.

What is the LAFC?

The Los Angeles Football Club is the newest Major League Soccer team in crowded L.A. The team is co-owned by about 27 people, including Sugarman. The LAFC’s star studded investment team includes former major athletes like Nomar Garciaparra, Mia Hamm, and Magic Johnson, as well as Hollywood stars like Will Ferrell. LAFC’s superstar ownership team is estimated to be worth about $4.5 billion.

The team is being overseen by John Thorrington, the South African born executive vice president of soccer operations for LAFC. Thorrington was trained as a young player at the famous Manchester United academy and played in Europe for about eight years. He has been in charge of LAFC’s technical aspects since 2015.

LAFC’s investors like Mr. Sugarman intend the team to rise to the top of the second largest sports market in America. The team plans to debut for the MLS’ 23rd team in 2018, and it will do so with a bang. The team is building an out of this world stadium in L.A.’s Exposition Park, right next to the Coliseum.

The Banc of California Stadium

LAFC’s flagship stadium, called the Banc of California Stadium, will be located close to major attractions like the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in Exposition Park. The Club is dropping over $350 million on the stadium to make it a state-of-the-art attraction for sports fans. The building work is still underway. The stadium will feature an open-air design. The developers are planning hip amenities that rival NFL’s, like rooftop bars, and luxurious private suites.

LAFC is also renovating the old Cal State L.A. stadium as a training complex. The Club has spent $30 million on renovations, which is the third largest investment in Major League soccer history for a training facility. Only Real Salt Lake and Atlanta United teams have invested more in training complexes. LAFC is heavily renovating and building new units to make the training complex suitable for modern use.

LAFC Teams

As the Club is yet to debut, there are no professional teams associated with the franchise. However, LAFC has a fully funded academy with U-12 USSDA accreditation. Currently, the Academy is training 26 young players who will debut in 2018. The LAFC is currently in the process of adding new young players to U12, U13, and U14 teams.

Mr. Sugarman firmly believes that the LAFC’s planned 2018 debut will be nothing short of spectacular. The Club’s stadium is already attracting attention for its grand scale if nothing else. It seems that the LAFC has a bright future ahead.

Jason Sugarman Expands His Investments in the L.A. Restaurant Scene

As a longtime Los Angeles native, Jason Sugarman, the veteran investor, financier, and an owner of the Los Angeles Football Club, thinks there’s no other city with a better restaurant scene (no, not New York City). Mr. Sugarman is known for his varied sports investment portfolio, which includes football and soccer teams, as well as several e-sports teams. Only a few know that he has always had his eye on L.A.’s food scene as well.

The Ever Changing L.A. Food Scene

It’s hard to argue that L.A. is one of the top cities in North America for food. L.A. rivals even New York in the sheer number of restaurants, cafes, and eateries around. L.A. prides itself as an early city, so there is a number of “breakfastaurants” as well. What makes L.A.’s food scene really unique is “relentless reinvention,” according to The New York Times.

The city is never out of chefs looking for cheap space to set up a new joint. The city has a number of neighborhoods—West Hollywood, Venice, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica—that has established restaurants that thrive serving wealthy clientele. But the city is full of people from almost all income levels that don’t mind driving 30 minutes in search of a cool new place to eat. L.A.’s ever expanding multicultural community has also contributed a wonderful variety available in choices. It’s easy to find cuisine from just about anywhere in the world in L.A.

Investing in Americana Cuisine

Like the city itself, Mr. Sugarman’s restaurant investments in L.A. are varied. However, he has specifically invested in restaurants offering his favorite cuisine: Americana. Mr. Sugarman has investments new grass fed hamburger restaurant and The Six – Studio City in town. These eateries are known for their delicious and decadent burgers, pulled pork, and indulgent desserts like banana cream pie. These restaurants are also two of the most affordable places to eat that serve high-quality food. Most Los Angeles residents may be crazy about healthy eating, but no one can resist a good burger once in a while.

Mr. Sugarman also has a stake in a chain of local BBQ restaurants in Orange County; a restaurant that services juicy and tender barbecue meats with mouthwatering sweet potato fries. The Beach Pit is beloved for the atmospheric setting and dishes that are simply filling.  Mr. Sugarman has also invested in some of L.A.’s best-known legacy restaurants, including The Viper Room on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. It was once co-owned by Johnny Depp, who still frequents the place. The Viper Room has been the subject of rumors, controversy, and film plots. These days it’s best known for music and great food.

Being the sports enthusiast that he is, Mr. Sugarman has heavily invested in El Dorado, an easygoing bar, and restaurant that is known as a great place to hang out in the city. El Dorado often hosts live music events that are quite popular among the regulars.

Mr. Sugarman is definitely planning to expand his restaurant investments in the city. The restaurant sector in L.A. is thriving and won’t be likely to cease thriving anytime soon.

Jason Sugarman Adds Marucci Sports to his Investment Portfolio

Veteran investor Jason Sugarman has added baseball merchandising brand Marucci Sports to his ever expanding investment portfolio. Mr. Sugarman has been in the private equity business for over 20 years, but he is best known for his extensive investments in sports. He is a part owner of the Los Angeles Football Club, a Major League Soccer team that will debut in 2018 with a grand stadium. He partially owns several other football teams, has stakes in e-sports, and has dabbled in L.A.’s restaurant scene as well. The Marucci investment is Mr. Sugarman’s first ever major foray into baseball and merchandising.

Marucci, a Big Name in MLB

Marucci Sports is practically synonymous with Major League Baseball. The brand manufactures the world’s most famous baseball bats. The company was founded in 2002 by Jack Marucci, who was then the head training coach at Louisiana State University. Currently, Marucci Sports is co-owned by Kurt Ainsworth and Joe Lawrence, two of the best known MLB players. Marucci made a name for itself by promoting maple wood bats over ash wood ones, which was once the most prominent material for baseball bats.

Marucci bats have been used by a number of the best known MLB players, including David Wright, David Ortiz, Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Albert Pujols, José Bautista, and Carlos Beltrán. By 2013, more than one-third of all MLB players were using Marucci bats. The brand now makes more baseball gear, including batting gloves, aluminum bats, fielding gloves, baseball clothing, and similar merchandise.

Unlike other major sports brands like Nike, Marucci does not individually sponsor players. Instead, the brand brings in players to be part of the company itself. Marucci’s current board of directors includes José Bautista, Andrew McCutchen, David Ortiz, and Albert Pujols.

How Jason Sugarman Came to Love Baseball

Mr. Sugarman’s investment in Marucci is not solely a business decision. Along with football and soccer, baseball is one of his major passions. He likes the game because of the immense physical effort that goes into play, as well as the mental strategies players have to devise to actually win. Mr. Sugarman’s all time favorite baseball player is Clayton Kershaw, the prolific pitcher for Los Angeles Dodgers. The hometown team of Dodgers is, of course, Mr. Sugarman’s favorite team as well. Kershaw tops the baseball’s highest paid athlete’s list, along with the three-time World Series champion Buster Posey, who has an endorsement deal with Marucci.

Mr. Sugarman is invested in baseball nearly as he is invested in football. He never misses a Dodger’s game, at least not if he can help it. He hopes to cash in on the popularity of the Marucci brand, which doesn’t seem to be waning anytime soon. Mr. Sugarman’s immediate plans for his baseball fandom are to sit back and enjoy the games. Next year, the LAFC, which he partly owns, will debut at its grand Banc of California Stadium. While that presents an ambitious step for Mr. Sugarman and his co investors’, he plans to simply enjoy baseball in the meantime.