The Republican Jewish Coalition Honors Jason Sugarman

The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) is presenting Jason Sugarman with the Ronald Reagan Leadership Award, an accolade that recognizes Mr. Sugarman’s contributions as a leader in the local Jewish community. The award will be presented on November 12th at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel where the RJC California Bash 2017 event is being held.

RJC’s Ronald Reagan Leadership Award recognizes next generation leaders of the community who have or are making a positive difference. Mr. Sugarman is the most recent leader to be honored for his many contributions. Mr. Sugarman has been deeply involved with the RJC as a contributor and a member of the coalition’s Board of Directors.

Sugarman’s decades of professional accomplishments in the finance industry, as well as his personal leadership projects, have earned him this recognition. Mr. Sugarman is a veteran entrepreneur who has invested in a diverse range of sectors, including private equity and all asset classes. He also invests in sports, arts and local restaurants. Jason Sugarman and his wife, Elizabeth Gruber, also make generous financial contributions to nonprofit organizations in the education and health sectors.

This award marks a major year for Mr. Sugarman. His main sports investment at this time is the Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC). The club just signed on the Argentine striker Rodrigo Pacheco, a player with “great potential” according to the club’s team manager, John Thorrington. Pacheco joins Bassey Etim and Carlos Alvarez, two other players with much promise. LAFC will join the upcoming soccer season with a strong roster. With their new signed players and their stadium closer to completion they are looking quite well and ready to tackle the upcoming soccer season in 2018.

Other than investments in traditional sports, Mr. Sugarman has also made huge strides in his e-sports investments recently. Team Liquid, the e-sports team he mainly invests in, just recently won the Dota 2 Championships taking home a grand prize worth more than $10 million. It is a first for the team as well as Mr. Sugarman. He is highly optimistic about his sports investments in the coming years.

Mr. Sugarman continues his investments throughout his community in Los Angeles by mainly investing in local restaurants to strengthen local businesses. Mr. Sugarman’s restaurant investments focus on low to mid-cost eateries run as small businesses. Investing in such, businesses directly help create jobs in the local community. As a Los Angeles native, Mr. Sugarman has always been passionate about giving back to the community.

Mr. Sugarman is hopeful that he will make major contributions in L.A. and elsewhere with his investments and entrepreneurial contributions. He will also continue to support important causes in the health and education sector through his philanthropy work. It is a cause both he and his wife as passionate about.

This year’s California Bash will be attended by luminaries such as Senator Norm Coleman, founder, and CEO of BiteSizeTV Ron Bloom and Isaac Applebaum from Radius Intelligence. The keynote speech will be delivered by Steve Wynn, the recently appointed chairman of the Republican National Coalition (RNC).

Tickets are still available for the event going at $300. Go to: for more information on this event.