Soccer Pub Culture May Come to L.A. with LAFC

The Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) plans to debut next year and open the club’s own Banc of California Stadium. There may be another fun addition to the plans: a new place to enjoy famous soccer pub culture. Pubs, the British term for bars, are the best places to watch the game in the U.K., where the sport was born. In the U.S., bars are also the best places to enjoy the game with fellow fans. L.A. has its own soccer-pub scene where devoted fans often line up to buy tickets to major games. LAFC hopes to tap into this scene and offer an extra cool venue for soccer fans.

Designs Underway for the Optimal Pub Experience with Amazing Sights

Soccer is hugely popular in Europe, where the pub culture can be experienced to its fullest. LAFC hopes to introduce something similar in L.A. The club plans to open a bar of their own so that fans can gather around and watch live matches, mingle, and enjoy beverages. Most people get out of their living rooms not just to watch the match but also to enjoy the experience of watching a live game with other fans. LAFC hopes to recreate this experience to its fullest with the proposed bar.

The designs for the bar are already underway and are heavily inspired by pubs in Europe. One of the involved designers, Sal Reyes of Lucky Boys, has said that the bar will be targeting the “European supporter,” and will have sights akin to a tourist attraction. The principal architect for the LAFC bar is Jonathan Emmett, who described the bar as a place to be right in the middle of the action. The bar will have a “great view” of the pitch, Emmet said, and also wonderful views of the downtown skyline and the surrounding Exposition Park.

Grand Location and European Inspiration

When it opens next year, the Banc of California Stadium will be located near George Lucas’s breathtaking Museum of Narrative Art in Exposition Park. Other grand attractions, like the Memorial Coliseum, Natural History Museum, the African American Museum and the California Science Center will also be close by. So the expectations are high for the stadium to deliver a truly unique experience. It’s highly expected that the park serves as a hub for the 2028 Olympic Games. So it will be an opportunity for the stadium to attract both international and local soccer fans.

Perhaps, as a result, the architects are modeling the stadium after legendary stadiums in Europe, such as Anfield in Liverpool, Queens Park Rangers Loftus Road and the Westfalenstadion of Borussia Dortmund. But the key features of the stadium will be uniquely L.A. For example, the bar with the pitch view is typical of what spectators get in American football stadiums. The idea is to allow fans to enjoy the game without having to leave their drinks behind.

Fan Supported Designs

LAFC has based designs on fan expectations from the beginning. It’s not based on guessing alone. Fan input has been crucial for designing the club’s uniform, crest and choosing colors. Likewise, supporter and fan input is directing how the stadium’s bar is being designed. Supporters meet with the architects occasionally, to offer their take on the designs.

With supporters having a say on the overall vibe of the bar, it can be expected to resonate directly with the core fan base.